Our Spooky Tales: The Warning

by Jen Bullard

3 min readOct 12, 2023

October is one of our favorite months of the year. These are our favorite scary stories to share with each other when sitting around a campfire or when traveling together for work.

This week’s story comes from our colleague Jen Bullard from her time growing up in upstate New York. While her story is set in a chilly climate… it literally sent chills down our spines when we read it.

I lived in upstate NY where snow and cold started around October. January to March was always brutally cold and we wore hats, mittens, scarfs, and full snowsuits half the time because lung freeze temps are really dangerous. Of my friends I was the only one who walked, so as soon as I got bundled up I shot out that door and beelined at top walking speed to home. Running was dangerous because you’d slip on the ice, so most of us perfected a fast walking pace.

At some point I was the only junior high school student on a stretch of the road, everyone else had taken another turn towards their homes. When no one is around in snowy territory it’s really quiet, so you mostly hear your own breath and the squeaky crunch of snow. I always listened for cars because they could slide out of control and hit you on the sidewalk, so whenever a car would approach from behind me I’d check to make sure they weren’t sliding around or anything.

As I was approaching the intersection to cross Main Street I checked both ways, and they were clear. Then I heard my name shouted very loudly, startling me. I turned around to see no one in sight. Just as I was turning around, two cars collided right where I would have been, hard enough to bend the hood of one car in half.

I stepped forward to see if they were OK, and someone shouted “Get back from there!” Shocked, I stumbled backwards just in time for a third car to lose control on black ice and slide into the previous two cars who then slid over the sidewalk to where I was. Once again I looked to see if someone had shouted and there was no one there.

My dad saw the third car crash into the others and came over to help, he was surprised to see me there stunned and motionless. We helped people out of their cars and I told him that someone had called out to me. We knocked on the doors of every house within visual range to thank them, but no one shouted. Many had come out after they heard the car accident, but none of them had seen anything before. Whatever it was, it saved my life and I have never heard that particular voice since.

Jennifer is a producer with over 25 years of experience shipping games and products, with an emphasis on individualizing teams for success. She was the chapter chair for Austin IGDA, supported the creation of SXSW Gaming, and has provided mentorship and guidance to many. Her hobbies are hot air ballooning, travel, handicrafts, and running D&D games. Jennifer can be found on LinkedIn.




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