FarBridge’s 2021: A Year in Review

Projects we worked on in 2021:

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse promotional art provided by Rooster Teeth
Walkabout Mini Golf heroart provided by Mighty Coconut
Battlefield graphic provided by Electronic Arts
Political Arena art provided by Wayside Press

We grew our team:

We’re super excited to welcome so many new team members to the FarBridge fold — we couldn’t have had this amazing year without all their contributions and we can’t wait to see what awesome things we make together this next year! Learn more about the FarBridge team on our website.

We had our very first remote FarBridge internship program:

This year, FarBridge brought on a total of 6 interns of varying disciplines, including level designers, game designers, and engineers with the intent to help foster learning and growth with experience in the game development industry. Over the course of their internship, the group was a pleasure to work with and we were more than happy to show them the ropes. This program wouldn’t have been possible without the help of FarBridge team members Prism Jett and Emma Rausch — they were an integral part of making the program run smoothly.


A majority of the FarBridge team at our 2021 Holiday party



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